Is Bridgerton TV Series Appropriate for Children and Families?

Bridgerton is a period drama full of romance, intrigue and mystery, based on Julia Quinn's series of novels, that invites viewers into the elegant and complex world of 19th-century England. This 20-episode British series, whose 3rd season was last released on Netflix and has an IMDB score of 7.1, has become one of the most watched with 82 million views. In this article, we will talk about the Bridgerton series and analyze the content appropriateness of the 3rd season of the Bridgerton series.


  1. What is the Plot of the Bridgerton?
  2. Is Bridgerton TV Series Appropriate for Children?
  3. How Can I Censor the Scenes I Don't Want?

1. What is the Plot of the Bridgerton?

The series takes place in the aristocratic world of England in the early 19th century. The Bridgerton series, whose last season was released , basically revolves around the romantic relationships, intrigues, secrets and scandals of aristocratic families in high society. The main focus is Daphne, the second eldest child of the Bridgerton family and Simon, a rich and impressive but also mysterious man It is based on the romantic relationship between Basset. While the series demonstrate the clothing style, social norms and aristocratic lifestyle of the period in detail, it is also a romantic drama told in a modern language. Season 3, the last season of Bridgerton, is currently streaming on Netflix.

2. Is Bridgerton TV Series Appropriate for Children?

"Bridgerton" is a period drama with romance, intrigue and sexuality. As in the newly released 3rd season of the Bridgerton series, there are sexual and adult themes in some scenes in the first two seasons. Therefore, it may be difficult to say that it is appropriate for family watching. If we consider the Bridgerton series and its 3rd season in terms of disturbing content categories ; While violence, substance abuse, suicide, swearing, brutality and blood are almost non-existent, obscene content is quite high. Sexuality and nudity are clearly shown. While the female upper body and male hips are visible, the genital areas are not shown. The series also includes scenes of homosexual intercourse.

Some families may find this type of content inappropriate or unsuitable for children. Parents should examine the content of the TV series or movies that they will watch with their families or that their children will watch alone, and decide whether they are appropritate for their children to watch. Since it is not possible for them to watch every content in advance, they need the inappropriate scenes in TV series and movies to be cut and made them safe for children to watch.

Not only parents, but also adults may be disturbed by inappropriate content and choose not to be exposed to it. For such situations, there are plug-ins that automatically filter unwanted scenes.

3. How Can I Censor the Scenes I Don't Want?

As parents and viewers, we want the scenes we do not want in TV series and movies to pass by themselves. However, often it can be difficult to find a suitable tool to filter or censor these scenes. For example, while watching the 3rd season of the Bridgerton series, we may encounter many inappropriate scenes. There are add-ons that automatically filter unwanted scenes such as nudity, profanity, violence and drug use that you may encounter while watching movies and TV series on platforms such as Netflix, Blu TV and Amazon Prime.

You can filter inappropriate scenes with Muvisafe . Thanks to this innovative add-on, you can prevent inappropriate scenes from being shown before watching a content. For example, in the table below you can see the list of inappropriate scenes in the 3rd season episodes of Bridgerton. Scenes with disturbing content are detected by minutes and seconds and divided into categories.

CategoryEpisode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4
Obscene Woman2 scenes (25 seconds)
Naked Male1 scene (1 minute)
Naked Woman1 scene (1 minute)
Sexual Talk1 scene (1 minute)
Naked Sex / Making Love1 scene (2 minutes)2 scenes (1 minute 14 seconds)1 scene (15 seconds)
Nude Sculpture / Painting / Drawing1 scene (35 seconds)
Sex Implication1 scene (57 seconds)
Sex Without Nudity1 scene (20 seconds)1 scene (45 seconds)1 scene (3 minutes)
Homosexual Kissing1 scene (57 seconds)
Heterosexual Kissing1 scene (25 seconds)1 scene (1 minute)1 scene (19 seconds)1 scene (8 seconds)

With MuviSafe, you can automatically skip scenes in any category you choose with the filters you select.

MuviSafe is an application developed in Turkey by Turkish developers. By clicking the "Try for Free" button in the upper right corner, you can have the opportunity to try 5 contents for free every month.

In Summary,

The Bridgerton series can be described as a period drama with adult themes, sexuality and romance . Some scenes contain sexual and obscene content. Therefore, it is important for families and parents to decide whether it is appropriate for children. Muvisafe is a tool that available to censor content or filter out unwanted scenes.