What is MuviSafe?

MuviSafe is an innovative Google Chrome extension that seamlessly filters and skips inappropriate scenes in movies and TV shows. As a legal content filtering service, MuviSafe works effectively with popular streaming platforms like Netflix and BluTV, ensuring a family-friendly viewing experience.Learn more about how MuviSafe works.

What kind of filters does MuviSafe offer?

MuviSafe offers comprehensive video and audio filtering options to screen out nudity, sexual content, violence, profanity, blasphemy, offensive slang, and sexual innuendo. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence, you can customize filters for each movie or TV show, tailoring the viewing experience to your family's preferences.Discover all filter options.

How can I use MuviSafe?

Using MuviSafe is straightforward. Simply download the MuviSafe Chrome extension, log in, and select your desired filters. Once set up, you can enjoy movies and TV shows with peace of mind, knowing that only appropriate content is displayed.Get started with MuviSafe.

Does MuviSafe filter every movie or TV show?

MuviSafe meticulously analyzes and filters movies and TV shows, ensuring accuracy in content screening. It currently filters only the content it can confidently assess. We're constantly increasing our database, and with our upcoming Live analysis feature, our goal is to cover all your preferred content.Check out our content library.

Can MuviSafe be used on smart TVs and mobile devices or only on computers?

At present, MuviSafe operates exclusively as a Chrome extension on computers. We are actively developing versions for smart TVs and mobile devices to broaden your access to safe, family-friendly content.Stay updated on our progress.